Nova Pharmed Chemia Company is the only and the main “Manufacturer and Supplier of sodium bicarbonate “as a raw material in pharmaceutical industry in IR.Iran. Nova Pharmed Company founded in the year 2014 and we could have obtained ISO9001, HACCP, GMP and IPEC Certifications in this short period of time. We produce pharmaceutical sodium bicarbonate according to pharmacopoeia Standards accordingly.  We are a   pharmaceutical company specializing exclusively in the sodium bicarbonate powder both in pharmaceutical grade and for dialysis purposes respectively, which was imported exclusively from abroad before us, and now our country is not considered as an importer of this product. In addition to producing pharmaceutical sodium bicarbonate, we also produce specialized disinfectants for dialysis machines that are used to disinfect these vital machines.


Nova pharmed’s mission is to develop, produce and market safe, effective and quality sodium bicarbonate both for hemodialysis and pharmaceutical area to improve health care products and quality of life of men, women and children . We aim to achieve sustainable growth, deliver life-changing technology and create value in communities around the world. We also focus on the areas where opportunities for our business intersect with positive social and environmental impact.

Visions, Missions & Values

Our principals, employees and suppliers form the basis of our quality and services.

Each shares responsibility for quality of us as a manufacturer. we seek long-term and transparent relationships with our business partners. We also focus on safe technology: We select technology that adds real value to our products while keeping the environment safe. We try to understand customers’ expectations and provide them with satisfaction.




Nova pharmed chemia is planning for development of sustainable and targeted exports with timely and continuous presence in global markets. We have commitment to GMP Compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. We aim to become a major producer in the domestic market with the ability to export to other countries in the field of production of raw materials and chemical pharmaceutical products used in the dialysis industry and disinfectant solutions in the hospitals in terms of stability in product quality and timely supply and ensuring sustainable development and trade of the company.