Disinfectant Solutions

Nova Pharmed chemia Company also operates as a company producing disinfectants .These kind of products are used widely in the Medical centers: in decalcification and disinfection of hemodialysis machines, in Dental centers and dentistry, in Anti-cancer sites, in disinfection of clean rooms in Pharmaceutical factories and disinfection of Pharmacy lines and many other cases. Other products of Nova Pharmed Chimia that are for skin disinfection of the surgical site, hand disinfectant solution.Nova Pharmed Chimia disinfection solution are classified into the following nine items:

  1. Novaclean solution: A disinfectant solution of hemodialysis machines with high degree of disinfection and decalcifying properties (download TDS file).
  2. Cito-novaclean 50% solution: A highly disinfectant decalcifying solution and hot wash for all types of hemodialysis machines (download TDS file).
  3. Cito-novaclean 25 % solution: A disinfectant decalcifier and hot wash solution for all types of hemodialysis machines (download TDS file).
  4. Acetino-clean solution 12%: A disinfectant decalcifying and cold wash solution for all types of hemodialysis machines (download TDS file).
  5. NovaSurg: Ready-to-use disinfectant, alcohol-based for surface application or spraying. For skin disinfection before injection, incision, blood sampling, catheter insertion, minor surgical interventions and suitable for accidental minor injuries as well as disinfection before and after surgery and injection site (download TDS file).
  6. Ethoxygen: Hand sanitizer for hand hygienic disinfection with emollients without the need for rinsing, with a wide range of antimicrobials affecting a variety of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses (download TDS file).
  7. NovaSurf: Rapid and effective disinfection of surfaces and equipment around the patient such as dialysis machines, hospital surfaces such as doors and handles, nursing counters, sensitive surfaces for neonatal incubators, medical equipment, office rooms and desks, and clean rooms of pharmaceutical companies (download TDS file).
  8. Denova: High level disinfectant solution for disinfection of sensitive, semi-sensitive and medical and dental and endoscopic instruments and equipments (download TDS file).
  9. NovaClean Plus:A disinfectant solution with descaling and biofilm cleaning properties and preventing the formation of organic matter with multiple strength for dialysis machine and special ability in disinfection and cleaning (download TDS file).