Sodium Bicarbonate

The main product of Nova Pharmed Chemia Company is sodium bicarbonate in two grades of medicine and hemodialysis. “Sodium bicarbonate hemodialysis grade” produced by Nova Pharmed Chemia Company has met the needs of all hemodialysis centers in the country and has been tested by many hospitals all over Iran. It has been able to compete with similar foreign products .By producing it we are able to take a big step to prevent the outflow of currency during the difficult period of economic sanctions. Click here to download the catalog.

Our second product in area of producing sodium bicarbonate is” pharmaceutical Sodium Bicarbonate “ which in this regard we have been able to gain a significant market share by gaining the trust of large pharmaceutical companies in our country. We have a commitment to give best services to our customers. Serving customers that include many leading companies, our team always give their best to meet 100% customer satisfaction. For every client, their needs is different. Our team always listen to specific customer needs, giving what products works for them .We are there whenever you need us. Click here to download the technical datasheet.

Our young and talented specialists are trying around the clock in the field of production of both products and obtaining GMP IPEC-PQG certification shortly after the establishment of the company is a proof of their success.